Starting Over

If my blog was a child, then someone would’ve called CPS ages ago, I would’ve had my blog confiscated, put into protective custody and I would be locked up right now.  Thankfully, it’s just a little old website so I can neglect it as much as I like.  I haven’t really been slacking though — I’ve been taking pictures every day, but somewhere around November it just became a gigantic hassle to download pictures, upload them onto flickr and then write about them.  That said, what better time to start over than with the start of a new year?  And so, along with a bunch of other resolutions, I’m starting up my 365 blog again.  And speaking of resolutions, if you like photography but don’t subscribe to Photojojo (in which case I would say to you, “Well, what are you waiting for?!!”), in their latest newsletter they challenge everyone to choose a photography resolution for the new year and they even provide an awesome list of suggestions to get the ball rolling.  It’s good inspiration for anyone who needs it and you can find their list here.

Anyway, with that said, here are my pictures from today.  Noah — totally wiped — after an apparently tiring day of going to the movie theater:

And his little foot — which for some reason I’m still totally enthralled by:
Baby Foot

Happy New Year everybody!

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3 Comments on “Starting Over”

  1. cdelbueno Says:

    you’re going to laugh, but apparently you’ve posted too many pictures of mark asleep, because i said outloud when looking at the first picture: “he’s the spitting image of mark asleep!”

  2. jae Says:

    Very sweet! What’s funny is I have a bunch of photos of Nevan’s foot as well. And his hands. Come to think of it I’ve also shot his ear, eye, and mouth. Yeeeaahhh… ok.

    And he does look like Mark when he’s alseep! hahaha

  3. Alicia Says:

    Little. Toddler. Feet. Too. Cute. Can’t. Resist.

    This coming from the woman who normally LOATHES feet.

    I love the totally-wiped-out pic, too. When he crashes, he crashes hard.

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