We’re moving into a new apartment in a few weeks and for some reason that somehow translates into buying a bunch of new furniture.  If you want to redecorate and you come from a family of engineers, well, sometimes you end up doing it like this:


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3 Comments on “Redecorating”

  1. jennifer Says:

    Well… yes. How else would you do it? 😉

  2. jae Says:

    You know what? It’s not cool that you laughed when I sent you my four page spreadsheet with furniture and shit for the house in SJ and yet you are nearing my level of crazy. 😛

    BTW, this is exactly why I was exasperated with Dave about measuring the apartment and why you and I had the talk about how men can’t accurately measure things until they’ve been trained by a woman. Because pretty much all they’ve measured up to that point is their dicks, and we all know they like to add an inch or two to that.

  3. leanerlou Says:

    LOL. I do that too!

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