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Fake Christmas Tree

November 23, 2008

Fake Christmas Tree

Mark and I picked up a fake Christmas tree with fiber optic light branches. It’s pretty cool — especially in the dark — and so much fun take pictures of. This is me zooming out quickly while taking a picture with the shutter speed set at 5/8″.


Testing 1…2…3…

October 9, 2008

One of the cool tidbits I picked up from my photography class was the name of a local camera equipment rental company.  Unfortunately I just picked up a new lens but I’d been curious about a macro lens for some time and was debating whether or not it would be worth coughing up so much cash for such a specialized lens.  So I went to Rent-a-Pro today and borrowed a macro lens (a Nikon 60 mm f/2.8D AF Micro-Nikkor lens) for a day.  One thing that concerned me about buying a macro lens is that this one isn’t fully compatible with my D40X.  Because my DSLR is a more basic model, it doesn’t have the sensor on the body that allows the lens to autofocus.  But after playing around with this thing all day, I’m absolutely in love with it.  Of course I’m still learning how to use it and figuring out the different quirks of a macro lens but it’s been so much fun to shoot with and now I’ve pretty much decided my next lens will be a macro:


New Elephant


October 6, 2008

Des Voeux Road and Pedder Street, Hong Kong

Today I decided to try my hand at panography — a wide-angle picture composed of several individual photos. I had seen a tutorial on it on Photojojo a while ago but couldn’t do it because I didn’t have Photoshop. I picked up Photoshop Elements yesterday so today I went out with my camera to take some shots.

I stood on the corner at Des Voeux Road and started snapping away. I took 27 photos, but only 11 made it into my actual panograph so it’s rather incomplete as it stands now — I hadn’t realized how much memory it required to work with so many photos at once. But considering it was my first attempt and I’m still learning how to work Photoshop, I’m pretty happy with the result. I’m definitely looking forward to trying it again as soon as I free up some space on my hard drive.

Ghost Parade

September 30, 2008

Ghost Parade

The Glow in the Dark Halloween Parade at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Another lucky, flukey shot.  This was a four second exposure while the parade dancers continued to move, resulting in this ghost-like image.

Soccer Ghost

September 25, 2008

Soccer Ghost

I took a series of very bad photos at Noah’s soccer class but this one is probably the most interesting because it makes him look like a one-legged ghost. When I look at this photo I think, “Shutter Priority is not a good shooting mode for me.”


September 24, 2008


A glass of champagne.

My teacher in my photography class gave us this assignment: take a picture while at the same time zooming in or out on your subject. I set my shutter speed to 1″ and zoomed in quickly as I took the picture.  This was one of the shots that I ended up with.